Young Professionals’ Alliance

Mission: Establish and develop relationships, build professional skills, and collaborate in supporting the community


The Young Professionals' Alliance offers GWACC members from varying backgrounds, skillsets and industries between 21-39 years old the opportunity to learn how to be more effective and successful business people. The alliance offers a unique combination of networking, learning and skills building. We will also take part in activities that involve giving back to the community.

Our primary focus is to network among one another to expand relationships personally and professionally. Events will include happy hours and organized discussions while providing a forum for sharing ideas and challenging one another. Insights will be provided by “older” generation GWACC members who will share their successes and provide suggestions on how our alliance can accelerate the development and expansion of our their careers and businesses.

In addition, members will be encouraged to promote and participate in one other’s philanthropic initiatives, such as helping to build a house for Habitat for Humanity or volunteering at a Community Food Bank.

Benefits of membership on this committee include:

  • Meeting new people and developing new business opportunities.
  • Expanding your network of business contacts.
  • Increasing your visibility through attendance, participation and volunteering.
  • Strengthening your leadership and teamwork skills by partnering with other alliance members.
  • Broadening your knowledge base and skills through useful programs and presentations, including learning from both your peers and more experienced professionals.

Employers benefit from sending their younger employees to the Young Professionals' Alliance because they will be empowered to strengthen their skills that make them more valuable employees, while also helping raise awareness of their local business.

Programs and events include:

  • Monthly Networking or Roundtable Discussion Meetings – Monthly meetings that allow for networking, sharing of experiences and ideas and skill development through guest speakers. Members will also be given the chance to introduce their business and themselves to the broader group.
  • Community Volunteer Events – members will collaborate as a group with community Non-Profit Organizations by giving their time to help local causes.
  • Bi-Annual Networking – chamber-wide networking events that allow committee members to meet and interact with other chamber members of all ages.

The Young Professionals Alliance is open to any member of the community but is geared toward those ages 21-39. Members will be encouraged to provide suggestions for event itinerary and content.

If you are interested in learning more, please email Matthew Pejkovic at