"It isn't who you know, it's who knows you!"

Networking is essential to having a successful business or career. The GWACC provides you with at least two opportunities a month to get to know other members, potential members and on occasion, members from other chambers. Check out all of our events on our Event Page.

New to networking? Here are a few quick tips on how to become an expert on working the crowd:

  • Attitude - Be prepared mentally. Before walking into the room, visualize yourself being friendly and open to the experience of conversations.
  • Business Cards - Bring them! But don't give them out to every person in the room. Give them only to people who ask and only ask for cards from people you truly want to connect with later.
  • Body Language - Smile! People are drawn to happiness. Be confident, hold eye contact. Don't cross your arms.
  • Listen & Ask Questions - Think of a conversation as a tennis game. Don't let the conversation drop. Listen to what is being said and ask a question to keep the conversation going.
  • Enjoy Yourself - Have a good time. People enjoy being around others who are having fun and happy.