Membership Levels

Our vision is to be the premier advocate and energizer for GWACC economic advancement by facilitating productive interaction among businesses, nonprofits, government, education and the greater community.

The Greater Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce is a networking organization, established over 60 years ago, serving businesses and supporting local economies.  The towns we serve are filled with people who are highly motivated to achieve, get involved, and make a difference.  At the GWACC, we reach out to that talent, making connections that build successful relationships.  Involvement in our committees helps members tap into their creative influence.  Networking opportunities augment existing partnerships, revealing paths to mutual benefit.

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Please count each full-time employee and every two part-time employees to calculate dues.  Select your membership plan from below.  You may pay online using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal or electronic check.

Sole Proprietor (no employees) $175.00 per Year. Select
2 - 5 Employees $245.00 per Year. Select
6 - 10 Employees $350.00 per Year. Select
11 - 25 Employees $475.00 per Year. Select
26 - 50 Employees $650.00 per Year. Select
50+ Employees $750.00 per Year. Select
Non-Profit Organization: 1-5 employees $160.00 per Year. Select
Non-Profit Organization: 6+ employees $260.00 per Year. Select


The GWACC is a 501 c-(6) not-for-profit organization.  Our Tax ID # is 22-1591616.