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Tiffany Natural Pharmacy
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Tiffany Natural Pharmacy is a family owned and operated full service pharmacy that has been in the pharmacy business since 1957. We provide individualized pharmaceutical compounding in addition to traditional prescription dispensing with prompt, courteous service to our patients. People have a right to expect certain things of their local pharmacy, such as courtesy, promptness, accessibility and openness. When you need a potentially life-saving prescription, or a specialized compound for your unique needs, you want to know that your pharmacist is listening, and putting you first. That is what we strive for at the Tiffany Natural Pharmacy.

Compounding gives us the ability to customize medications to patient needs. For example, many medications only come in a tablet form but tablets are not suitable or usable by all patients. The pharmacists at Tiffany Natural Pharmacy in Westfield, NJ can take the active ingredients in these medications and create a prescription that is best suited for you. Compounding is a great option for those with allergies to certain ingredients in medications. We can also flavor compound medications to make them kid friendly.

We can compound medications to help meet the following patient needs:
-Medicine Strength
– Non-traditional Dosage Forms (chewable tablet, powder, transdermal, gel, etc.)
– Dosage Amounts not available in another form
The effectiveness of any compounded medication relies heavily on the ability and skill set of the person preparing the compounded medication. This is why it is vital to select a high-quality compounding pharmacy with a pharmacist who is an expert in compounding. Compounding can be done by a skilled pharmacist, physician or third-party facility. Using a compounding pharmacy is the most affordable and effective way for patients to get the medications they need in a form that best suits their medical needs.

In many cases a pharmacist with basic knowledge of compounding can follow a physician’s guidance for preparing a compounded medication. But, to meet advanced compounding needs a pharmacist will need more experience and training in compounding.

At Tiffany Natural Pharmacy, we believe in providing personalized products and world class customer service. We are family owned and operated and have been in business since 1957. We provide custom compound services in addition to traditional prescriptions, vaccines, orthopedic shoe inserts and much more. With four highly trained and educated pharmacists with extensive experience in compounding we are sure to meet your needs. Contact us today.

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