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About The Scarlett Foundation

Creating the Circle of Life in Business

When you consider that 90% of Americans work for small business and over 50 percent of small businesses FAIL in the first five years, keeping Main Street alive is a very important concept.åÊ However, all too often, someone gets a bright idea, they have a passion for it and they start a business‰ÛÓand find that it is harder than it looks!

By the time they have set up in business the money is usually tight and they say ‰ÛÏI‰Ûªll spend some marketing dollars once business picks up.‰ÛåÊ Well, this is the age-old catch 22‰ÛÓyou need money to market and you need to market to get money! There is also the need for business advice and mentorship – the list is quite long as to what small business owners need in order to not only survive, but to actually thrive!åÊ The Foundation‰Ûªs Main Street Initiative will provide the funding and mentorship needed for these small businesses to grow.

We believe that Main Street USA will vanish if support is not made available to small businesses.åÊ If Main Street USA thrives, then they will be there to provide opportunities for special circumstances young adults, who also need support, mentorship and job opportunities to thrive.


Our Mission is to provide the support and mentorship required

for small businesses to soar and young people to grow into self-sustaining, happy adults.

We want to change the world- one person and one business at a time!

The way we are going to accomplish this mission is to create a ‰ÛÏCircle of Life‰Û when it comes to small businesses and young people aged 18 to 26 who have aged out of the foster care system or have no family support.

This is where The Scarlett Foundation will provide their Programs to create the business ‰Û÷Circle of Life‰Ûª:

  • Main Street Initiative ‰ÛÒ helping small businesses grow and thrive by providing support for their marketing and business growth efforts and making sure they are utilizing all services available.
  • DASH (Dreams + Action = Success + Happiness) ‰ÛÒ providing life skills and career choice support for young people aging out of the foster care system. (Program to eventually provide housing).