The Learning Consultants of New Jersey


We are offering $100 off for a 10 session package of tutoring or $150 off a 10 session package for college, vocational, and organization and executive functioning consultancy.

124 Makatom Drive
Cranford NJ, 07016



About The Learning Consultants of New Jersey

The Learning Consultants of NJ continues the mission of our business with over 20 years of experience and success transforming students and lives.

We offer academic tutoring, standardized test prep, executive and organizational coaching, and school and college consultancy.

Our tutors, consultants, and coaches are not just skilled in their area of expertise; they are highly motivated and caring people. Our goal is to connect with students and find ways to reinforce the skills and materials they are being taught. Most importantly, our goal is to make students independent learners so that they can take what they learn in tutoring sessions and apply them to their school-work and beyond. Often, this means thinking outside of the box and presenting information in a different way. Sometimes a student benefits from a more visual approach, often material needs to be broken down into smaller bits or a step by step approach is needed to understanding the material; whatever the case, our tutors create and find those avenues to make learning possible with individualized plans.

Our tutors come to you with strong and diverse backgrounds, making us ready to meet every challenge and fit your needs. We are passionate about helping students learn and interested in making learning interesting.

Our expert offerings also include college consultation, vocational consultation, and executive/organizational tutoring.

With ever-changing learning platforms, and with a changing landscape and complexity of college and vocational journeys, we are here to help.