St. Joseph Social Service Center


118 Division Street
Elizabeth NJ, 7201


About St. Joseph Social Service Center

St. Joseph‰Ûªs Mission

St. Joseph‰Ûªs is a place where the homeless and materially poor are welcomed as our brothers and sisters. They come to us in need, and we strive to serve them with compassion and love.

St. Joseph‰Ûªs is a community that unites city and suburb, poor and affluent, young and old and people of all colors. It is a place where hearts are touched and consciousness raised among many, so that together we can begin to build a more just society where all people can live in peace.

Project Ready Program at St. Joseph Social Service Center
Project Ready is focused on providing skills and support to workers seeking employment. Many of our graduates have over 10 years of experience in diverse industries and have re-entered the job market because their positions were eliminated due to downsizing, restructuring, and corporate relocating.

Our goal is to:

‰ª_Provide free job development skills to the economically disadvantaged

‰ª_Get people back into the workforce

Why should you consider a Project Ready graduate for positions in your business?

They demonstrated over a 5 week period to our highly experienced staff:

The willingness to learn and improve

A positive attitude and skills to keep a job

A commitment to attend

Teamwork with the staff and fellow students and knowledge that they can rely on this team in the future

A basic command of the prerequisite computer skills

Aptitude to respond positively to coaching and counseling

Good communication skills

‰ª_Their resumes are vetted by our highly experienced group of volunteers.

‰ª_They have honed their interviewing skills with our business partners, who provide candid feedback to all of the participants, before they interview with potential employers.

Employers who hire Project Ready graduates have had positive experiences and have saved time and money in the hiring process. Our program is free to the participants and our referral service is free to employers. If you have a job opening or would like to learn more about the program, please contact Colletta Liccardi, Project Ready Director, ; 908-353-1045×213 or Iris Rodriguez, Project Ready Assistant Director, ; 908-353-1045×8. You can also visit our website at