Scotch Plains Montessori


1577 E 2nd street
Scotch Plains NJ, 07076



About Scotch Plains Montessori

Our mission is to educate children in a safe environment while instilling core academic and life skills vital to a child’s
character development and throughout their lives

Our Approach to Education
Our philosophy is to compliment varying learning styles while reinforcing boundaries to each child with a more hands-
on approach from our team of educators. Scotch Plains Montessori serves children from four months to six years of age.
Our key components include early opening and flexible after hours, full day and half-day schedules, to accommodate
parents. There are onsite parking spots, a smooth and safe drop-off section for parents, and a well-developed
curriculum. Our teachers are educated and CPR/First aid certified. We provide a healthy and balanced breakfast, snack,
and lunch to our students.



Life Practical Skills




Our Services
Infant Program – Infants are encouraged to learn about their surrounding through our curriculum that focuses on
sensory and motor skills so each child explores their environment.

Toddler Program – Our program has been created to promote independence to each toddler so they develop
confidence to learn through exploration and play.

Pre-K 3 – Our structured and interactive curriculum has been developed to stimulate each child’s desire to learn so that
each child experiences core academic and life skills that include age-appropriate socialization while learning language
and math.

Pre-K 4 – This foundation curriculum has been developed to prepare each child to learn core lessons that will aid them
to transition into the school system. This preparation includes key components of language, reading, writing, and math.