Savory Selections Catering


33 Trenton Avenue
Fanwood NJ, 07023



About Savory Selections Catering

Savory Selections Catering offers traditional wholesome food and catering services.

Savory Selections Catering was formed in 2009 after receiving many warm compliments from family and friends.  Catering was nothing more than bringing some good wholesome, tasty comfort food to traditional family pot luck events.  However, over the years we realized we had much more to offer.

Our mission is to put great food on the tables of families and friends, cooking cuisine that makes everyone happy.  We simply want to serve food that looks good and tastes great.

Savory Selections Catering started out delivering pans of food but has now expanded to offer menus to complement our clients’ personalized event themes and culinary vision. Our goal is to create a culinary story for our clients’ event, that will resonate and will lead their guests to Savory Selections for special occasions to create their own culinary experience.

We stand out from the rest because we don’t just cook to serve a crowd.  We take pride in of our food but also its visual appeal.   As foodies ourselves, we don’t serve anything that we wouldn’t eat and all offerings reflect food that tantalize our palates.  Therefore, what is on our plate is on your plate.

Savory Selections represents an olive tree extending branches of entrepreneurship, culinary options, product development, event coordination, community support, client service, and of course palette engagement!  Our quest is to offer food that tastes as good as it looks!