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Springfield NJ, 07081



About FocalPoint Business Coaching of Central Jersey

Megan Malanga is President of FocalPoint Business Coaching of Central Jersey, based in Springfield, New Jersey. She is passionate about growth-minded white collar business leaders who are focused on building a transferable and bankable business.


Small business is the engine that fuels a robust and thriving economy. Often, however, many successful small business leaders find themselves “stuck” after achieving a certain level of success because they spend too much time on low value activities, communicate ineffectively, operate with inefficient people, processes, systems, and technology (or none at all), or risk obsolescence (think Netflix/Blockbuster). Megan works with them to smash these barriers by breaking through obstacles and implementing principles that run businesses as a set of efficient systems so that 1) the business owner is doing “the right things” instead of “all the things” and 2) the business’ valuation isn’t solely tied to the business owner.

After working with Megan, the business runs as a well-oiled machine and achieves the maximum possible valuation so that when the owner exits, they can leave on THEIR terms.

Megan is different because she works one-on-one with business leaders to develop and implement a personalized plan that works exclusively for them. Just like no two businesses are the same, each coaching engagement is unique. Business owners are held accountable to do the work required to make meaningful changes. The goal is to teach and implement key business principles so that the business leader eventually no longer needs coaching–that’s when we know we’ve achieved success.