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About Organized Transitions LLC

Organized Transitions LLC (TM) is a professional organizing company owned by Elaine Fernando. Her company specializes in the following services: home organizing, financial and paper organizing, home office organizing and photo organizing.

Have you asked yourself what it would be like to be organized and come home to a peaceful and orderly home? The task of organizing is intimidating. You may have clutter in a few parts of your home. But how about the other clutter in your life. Technology! Too many apps on your phone and too many unopened emails. How about your home office? Is your desk surrounded by paper clutter. Add these all up and organizing becomes overwhelming and frustrating. Any attempt to do it yourself may work, but do you find yourself never finishing the job. Or worst you‰Ûªre back to where you started. Are you willing to commit that you are now finally ready to make that change? Then let Organized Transitions LLC (TM) help you put bliss back into your daily living.

We believe less stress is most important in leading a productive life, so it is our mission to provide you with organizational essentials for your home and business, so that you can have the bliss and tranquility in your sanctuary. One of our core goals is to empower you by teaching you organization skills so that you can lead a productive and stress free life.

Elaine Fernando has earned her degree in Economics and Finance from Columbia University and has spent 25 years in Wall Street‰Ûªs international investment banking firms. In the chaotic arena of high finance and running a household of four, she was able to hone down her personal and professional organizational skills. And she absolutely loved it! In her job, she worked with clients and listened carefully to their needs. Also planning, executing and maintaining were skills needed to maintain and grow these relationships. Because of her innate organizational skills, friends approached her about setting up her own business. And because she loved working on finding creative solutions to organizing. She decided to start Organized Transitions LLC (TM).

As a Professional Organizer, she continues to enjoy working with clients identify their needs, set up goals, implement an action plan and execute these plans. And having an economical and practical solution that will help her clients maintain the positive work that has already been done. Ultimately, creating blissful living that her clients are seeking so that they can focus on what matters more in life.