NutriMost Progressive Wellness & Weight Loss


Initial Consultation for $27.00, Regularly $99.00.

405B Park Avenue
Scotch Plains NJ, 7076


About NutriMost Progressive Wellness & Weight Loss


NutriMost Progressive Wellness & Weight Loss of Scotch Plains is local provider for wellness and weight loss programs. åÊAlthough we guarantee a loss of 20-40 lbs. in as few as 40 days, NutriMost programs are not just weight loss programs, but instead health transformation programs. åÊAdditionally, each person’s program is custom designed based upon his/her individual needs. åÊNo two programs are the same. åÊWhat makes us different from other programs, aside from the individualized nature of each program, is that we sell programs, not just products. åÊThere are no prepackaged foods to buy, but instead you eat all fresh foods you buy at your local grocery store.