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About Reggie Bolden- Specificity

Specificity Inc., an intensely focused digital marketing firm. We have a proprietary blend of technology that allows us to target your demographic(s) on a granular level. We are able to target those high-likely conversions for your business across all connected devices. Also, Specificity is able to pull data back, and segment your audience to deliver different messaging within your demographics. Our Rooftop Marketing capabilities allows us to pull device ID’s who have visited competitor’s location in the past 12 months. We believe that precision targeting is the key to building the most successful marketing campaigns possible. We measure and track success based on conversions and recognized revenue.

So where do the ads show up? The short answer is everywhere. Your ads will infiltrate the entire digital landscape of the audience we target. While it starts with the device ID, we leverage cross device technology to target most users on their tablets, desktop computers (both personal and work), laptops, connected TVs, connected gaming systems and apps like Hulu and Netflix.

This provides the opportunity to deliver multiple impression through multiple devices and channels. On most devices, they populate via in-app display ads on most of the popular apps, display ads through the search browser and all of the social media channels. The difference is that our ads only target those we’ve identified as the perfect audience for you business. No waste whatsoever.