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About JDL Group Inc

The JDL Group Inc is a local Information Technology company located in the Connell Business Park, Berkeley Heights, NJ. åÊWe are minority and women-owned. åÊOur competencies include: Breach Vulnerability, Detection, Prevention, Clean Up & Response. åÊHacking and ransomware have been the headlines. åÊThe city of Newark, NJ was hacked last weekend and the ransom was $30,000 in bit coins.

Other competencies are the Cloud, (our Cloud center is located locally in Parsippany, NJ, (if you would like to visit our cloud data center, please let me know), Wireless and Mobility Protection (most hacks begin with a BYOD, a staff member’s device), Network, Servers, Compliance & Security depending on the type of business and what organization’s regulations you need to adhere to; Data Center and Consultative Managed Services. åÊWe take a consultative approach to your needs and pain points. åÊOur client list includes local NJ doctors offices, food stores, nursing homes, school districts, cities, educational commissions, The Visiting Nurse of NY, The Hospital for Special Surgery and Checkpoint. åÊWe cover small, medium and large companies. åÊMost of our clients are interested in protecting their proprietary data and the personal information of their clients/customers. åÊThere is too much to lose if you are not properly protected. åÊIt is our goal to see that you are, and you have åÊzero downtime and loss of data which means the right protection for your business. åÊPlease call me for a no cost consultative visit, 973-241-4764 or email me at acampbell@jdlgrp.com . åÊ You could be under attack right now, and not even know it! åÊ