Fanwood Larder Grocer


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44 S. Martine Ave.
Fanwood NJ, 07023

646 924 6419


About Fanwood Larder Grocer

Located in the heart of downtown Fanwood, Fanwood Larder is privileged to serve the local community, providing all your grocery needs from dairy to fresh produce and everything in between–1,500 SKUs in 1,500  square feet. Founder and Larderer in Chief, Eva Pfaff, made it her mission to fill the gap in grocery in her quaint hometown after hearing the public outcry for a “closer grocer” when the A&P on South Avenue closed in 2015. Catering to all dietary needs, the Larder has numerous options for vegan, gluten free, dairy free and plant based diets. The Larder offers high quality, local and organic products at competitive prices so  you can enjoy the brands you love without breaking the bank.  Come one, come all, the Fanwood Larder is #theclosergrocer.