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About FocalPoint Coaching

The 4 Critical Areas of Business – Time, Team, Money, Future

The basic premise is “I work with business owners on things like time, team, money, and future planning to help eliminate the uncertainty, frustration, and stress of business ownership.”

How can you gain clarity over these four pillars within your business?

With sustained focus and small improvements made over time, it is possible to build a business that gives you more Time, Money, and Freedom.

So how to get started?

First, we’ll have a 20-minute discovery call where we will determine if we are a good fit for collaboration.

Next, we collaborate in a 90 minute meeting to create an SBR or Strategic Business Assessment. This helps gain clarity for you the business owner of the current state of the business, what your priorities are for addressing challenges, and begin to determine what you want the business to be in the future.

Then with your commitment to the future business vision you have laid out –  we begin to work on your growth – personally, professionally, and fiscally. Get ready to pursue your vision for your business, while creating a better life for yourself and your family.