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300 South Ave
Garwood NJ, 7027



About Crunch Fitness

At Crunch Garwood, there are no judgments. No ‰ÛÏtoo much‰Û or ‰ÛÏnot enough.‰Û No glares of disapproval. Here, we keep open minds. We are nurturers, seeking only to encourage, empower, and entertain. We know that when it comes to fitness, there is no one type, no one reason, and no one way. We‰Ûªre a diverse community working together to create a culture of fun where there‰Ûªs room for everyone. No matter who you are, we‰Ûªre excited to help you reach your goals, and we just know that here in our clean, open space complete with real weights, tons of cardio, Ride studio, group fitness classes, world-class personal trainers, and more, you‰Ûªll have no trouble doing just that.