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About Big Blue Swim School – Watchung



Teaching a child to swim is so much more than simply teaching them to swim. It’s building their confidence as they learn how to face challenges head-on. It’s teaching them to succeed. Our purpose is to deliver big, transformative moments in the pool that enable children to spend more time swimming and less time sitting on the ledge. At Big Blue, our philosophy is built around the idea that the best way for a child to learn how to swim safely is by swimming longer distances every lesson in an environment that is warm, welcoming, and child-centered. This philosophy is also what makes it easy for a parent to see their child improve, especially when they’re able to watch and encourage them to swim further and further after every weekly lesson. It’s important that a child’s success is developed with a parent’s ability to support and witness in mind. Moving through a challenge and shattering new goals becomes a weekly habit at Big Blue, because it won’t always be about swimming. Soon, it’ll be about learning to make friends at a new school. It’ll be about learning how to take care of themselves. Then, learning how to develop skills in their school lives and, later, their careers. These experiences require a child to develop a growth mindset and exhibit moments of microbravery. Life is full of big moments, and learning to swim is just one of them. However, it’s one that sets precedents for how they will approach the ones later in life — with hesitation or with confidence. We choose with confidence.



A world-class competitive swimmer knows better than anyone how swimming can impact life beyond the pool. The Big Blue brand is built on the knowledge that helping kids conquer the water now gives them lifelong confidence in their ability to tackle any of life’s challenges. Some kids find the water to be one of the first real fears they encounter that they must overcome on their own. We are right there, helping take them from fearful to fearless. Other kids love the water from day one. Again, we are right there guiding them through our challenging curriculum. Weekly lessons and a gamified curriculum focus on swimming specific distances. We know incremental progress adds up to big, life-changing moments and unlocked potential in the pool and out. For everyone’s comfort, lessons are taught in a 90-degree pool with a professional instructor equipped with at least 100 hours of training. The Big Blue program is also powered by technology to make things easy for parents, from lessons that fit a busy schedule to progress that can be tracked instantly after every lesson.



Kids instantly transport to an imaginative world of their own creation when they are immersed in water. We call that the Big Blue World. It’s a place of endless possibilities where kids are free to explore, grow, play, and learn to swim as far as their imagination can take them. In the water, they discover the joy that comes with accomplishment and reveal in themselves the confidence to boldly create a world of their own making outside the pool.