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I help small and mid-size companies to offer employee benefits that pays cash directly to them when they are sick or injured.

With Aflac, employers can provide their employees with the kind of benefits they‰Ûªd expect from a much bigger company, helping a business stand out from the crowd and helping attract and retain quality employeesåÊ ‰ÛÓ at no cost to the company, as employees pay for policies via payroll deduction.

Choose from a wide range of products that can help employees with their health events‰ÛÓfrom accidents, to disability, to cancer, to life insurance and dental policies. Aflac’s payouts help employees defray their out-of-pocket medical expenses and/or help with the cost of daily living when they are sick or injured. And Aflac’s policies have been designed for ease of administration. Simply deduct the monies from employee‰Ûªs paychecks and pay the invoice – in arrears, after all the monies have been set aside.